Shampoo for blond hair: purple or blue, which is better?

Blond hair needs special care, and that includes choosing a good shampoo. Find more here: blue shampoo vs purple shampoo

But, in addition to this product for daily use, it is also necessary to always have a shampoo available that helps to remove that yellowish or orange effect from blonde hair.

Nowadays, there are several product options that help neutralize the orange and yellowish tone of the blonde hair.

However, not every woman knows exactly which shampoo is the most suitable for each case, whether it's purple or blue. That's because each type of shampoo is indicated to neutralize a color.

So, if you have this doubt, find out below which shampoo for blonde hair is the best to neutralize the orange and yellow tone.

Purple or blue shampoo?

Both products are suitable for blonde hair , but each has a function. Therefore, none is better than the other. That is, one is suitable for blond hair that tends to turn orange, and another for blond hair that turns yellow. See which is the most suitable for each tone.

Purple to yellowish blonde shampoo

To neutralize the yellow pigment, the purple shampoo is the most suitable. If blue shampoo is used on this type of hair, the blonde can become darker and even grayer.

So if you have highlighted and colored your hair blonde, but it turned yellow or golden, you should use a purple shampoo to neutralize that tone.

Blue to orange blonde shampoo

If your hair turns orange, your blonde can get that shade. To neutralize this color and make your hair look beautiful and in the perfect shade, you should use a blue shampoo.

If you use a purple shampoo in this case, you will not get good results, as the purple neutralizes the yellow and not the orange.

Other tips for blonde hair

Now that you know which shampoo for blonde hair is best for your locks, don't forget to choose a quality shampoo to conquer the blonde of your dreams.

In addition, to reach the shade of blonde that you want so much, it is essential to look for a good professional to carry out this process.

To keep your blond hair always healthy and beautiful, remember to moisturize every week to keep the strands soft, silky and hydrated. This simple process makes all the difference to blonde hair and helps keep hair stronger and healthier.

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