Rabbit Jumping UK

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Rabbit jumping is a sport in which rabbits are trained to jump over a small course of hurdles. They can be trained using treats to tempt them over or just by giving them a head rub once they've hopped over. Some people may choose to use a clicker to train their rabbit.


Not all rabbits enjoy to jump, it is up to you to let your bunny decide if they enjoy it or not. If they are happy to hop over the hurdles when you are with them, then this is a sign that they enjoy it, they may even binky over them!


If not they will be very stubborn and just sit there. Never get cross with your rabbit if they are like this, they don't want to do it and you should never force them. Maybe they are just happy getting exercise by running around freely in the garden. If so, let them be, but if they do happily hop like  then as well as playing in the run or having supervised free range exercise, let them have a go at rabbit jumping too!  


It's great fun for both rabbit and their owner!

What is Rabbit Jumping?